Rugged Radios - "Plus 2" H22 Over the Head Headset and Cable Expansion Kit

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P/N: PLUS2-OTUExpand your two-person intercom system to 4 persons with this H22 Ultimate Headset expansion pack.
This combines (2) H22 Ultimate over-the-head headsets and (2) 16' ffroad cables.


  • Carbon Fiber style finish
  • Flex Boom Mic
  • Stainless steal headband
  • Dynamic noise cancelling mic
  • Hard wired coil cord
  • Molded Offroad plug
  • Comfort Pillow Top headpad
  • Large comfortable gel ear seals
  • Cloth Ear Covers
  • Easy to use volume control


  • (2) H22 Ultimate Carbon Fiber Headset
  • (2) 16' Offroad Cables